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The Government's principal advisor on health and disability: improving, promoting and protecting the health of all Samoans
Our web page exists to help and assist you to gain further insight and information on Samoa’s Ministry of Health and its Public Health Sector.
Ministry of Health (MOH) has the specific function of regulating the health sector. In this regard, it is required to establish policies relating to health sector development and the establishment and maintenance of health standards and measures. The MOH is also mandated to carry out national health promotions and preventative health to protect the health of Samoan public. The MOH is the regulating body, it initiates, develops and establishes and monitors laws which will effectively enable health policies developed by the MOH to be heeded by health service providers. The policies, laws and regulations which are driven by the MOH are to be compiled with by health service providers whether they are in the public, private sector or Non-Government sector.
National Health Services (NHS) is the largest publicly funded health care service provider in Samoa.


Provide the Government and the Minister with advice as to strategies, policies and plans concerning the development, resourcing, provision and management of health services.


The Ministry of Health continues to be steered by Safety, Efficiency & Equity, Accessibility, Quality & Accountability


An Effective, Accountable, Safe and People Centered Health System


To regulate and monitor Samoa's Health System in order to achieve the Vision


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Enquiries regarding internship opportunities, please contact the National Health Services (+685-66600) or the Ministry of Health through the Office of the Registrar (+685-68180)

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