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  • Sector Wide Approach Program
  • Internal Auditor
  • Information Specialist
  • Legal Advisor
 Office of the Director General of Health



Palanitina Tupuimatagi Toelupe

Director General

Ministry of Health

  • Policy advice and regulatory management to ensure that legislations, regulations, and policies are adhered to for safe and quality of health systems
  • Policy advice on the monitoring and evaluation of health standards to maintain an efficient, transparent, and accountable health system that will impact on health status of Samoans 
  • Serves to manager, coordinate and provide the linking mechanisms between participating ministerial entities and sector partners involved in the Health Sector Wide Approach Program, to improve and harmonize the effectiveness of donor aid and health systems performance within the context of the MOH Act 2006.
  • Sections include the
         o   Executive Assistant Office
         o   Legal Adviser
         o   Internal Auditor
         o   Information & Communication Specialist
         o   Sector Wide Approach Coordination Unit




Internal Audit Unit Contribution to MOH

 Sector Wide Approach

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