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 Health Promotion and Preventive Services Division

The role of the Health Promotion and Preventive Services Division (HPPSD) is to ensure the Improvement in the Health Status of the population of Samoa through excellence in Health Promotion and Health Protection Services, through National Coordination.

Health Promotion is about making Healthy Choices Easy Choices. Noting the content and progress of the philosophies from key documents including The Declaration of Alma Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care (1978), the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986), to the Yanuca Islands Declaration (1995), it underlies all levels of Health Care.
Health Protection aims at ensuring the protection of the public from Communicable and Non-Communicable diseases in the environment through surveillance and intervention. These functions are mandated under the Health Ordinance (1959), and the Ministry of Health Act (2006).

The Division’s functions are guided by the legislative, policy, implementation, and communication governance guidelines of the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Core Functions:

  1. Development and Management of Quality National Public Health Programmes
  2. Regulation and enforcement to protect the health of the public.
  3. Health promotion, social participation and empowerment.
  4. Health situation monitoring and analysis.
  5. Epidemiological surveillance/ disease prevention and control.
  6. To inform polices and planning in public health.
  7. Human resources development and planning in public health.
  8. Research, development and implementation of innovative public health solutions.

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