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  • Professional Development
  • Quality Assurance & Infection Control
  • Regulation
 Health Services Performance & Quality Assurance for Medical & Allied Health


Robert Thomsen
ACEO Health Services Performance & Quality Assurance for Medical & Allied Health


Provides overarching strategic professional leadership and technical policy advice, and ensure the effective monitoring,
regulating and ongoing development of Medical, Dental and Allied Health Professionals within the context of the total
health sector, and in accordance with the MOH Act 2006, the National Health Service Act 2007, The Medical
Practitioners Act 2007, Dental Act 2007, Pharmacy Act 2007, Health Care Professional Registration and Standards

2007, and WHO HRH professional standards.
The HSPQA: M&AH division, like all other divisions of the ministry, is subject to the MOH generic standards, the PSC
regulations and MoF for administrative processes and procedures in:

  • Human Resource Management: Recruitment
  • Working Conditions: Salaries & Allowances; benefits etc.
  • Procurement of services, supplies and equipment

Core Functions:
1. Strategic professional and technical leadership and advice
2. Quality Assurance and Professional Development
3. Regulating and Monitoring of Practice, Practitioner and Services

Acts and Policies together with standards forms the foundation in the performance of the divisions functions as
mandated in the Ministry of Health Act 2007 as the principal act with linkages to different Acts and Policies which
includes the following:

Strategic Development of Samoa – Strategic Goal 4
Health Sector Plan 2008-2018 – Strategy Area 2,3 & 4
Corporate plan 2008 – 2012; Objectives 2 & 2.2, 3.1, & 4
Medical Practitioners Act 2007
The Dental Practitioners Act 2007
Pharmacy Act 2007
Occupational Safety and Health Act 2002
Health Care Professions and Standards Act 2007
Narcotics Amendment Act 2009 and Regulations 2009
Food and Drugs Act 1967
Ministry of Health Service Standards 2008
MOH Hospital Service Standards 2004
Medical Practitioners of Samoa. Code of Professional Standards 2007
Dental Practitioners of Samoa. Code of Professional Standards 2009
Samoa Pharmacists. Code of Professional Standards 2008
The Pharmacists Council of Samoa Code of Ethics 2008
Infection Control Policy
Occupation Health and Safety Manual
Clinical Guidelines and Protocols
Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Assessment Guidelines

Current Staff:
ACEO; HSPQAM&A Dr Robert Thomsen
Principal HSPQA Officer Eti (Edwina) Nee’Nee
Senior HSPQA Officer (Vacant)


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