Patient Complaints and Grievances

All complaints and grievances received by the Ministry of Health will be assessed based on the nature and scope of the complaint/grievance. Each case will go through the set complaint and grievance process and responsible MOH staff will determine the appropriate method for processing. MOH responsible staff will notify the complainant/grievant through mail/email/phone of the complaint/grievance status.

Most cases can be resolved quickly through immediate advocacy. In these situations, MOH acts a mediator between parties. All parties must be willing to participate in this process.

Every effort is made to complete issues of immediate advocacy within set time.

More serious cases may be required to go through a quality care review. In these situations, medical records are requested, staff and patients may be interviewed, and other provider records may be reviewed. The patient’s written consent may be required.

Every effort is made to complete all investigations within 2-3 months. If the case is not closed within this period, all parties will be advised of the delay and when it is expected to conclude.

The patient or his/her representative will be advised of whom to contact if not satisfied with the MOH’s processing of the grievance. A follow-up contact may be made to you at the conclusion of the investigation. This contact is to determine your level of satisfaction with the grievance process. Your participation is voluntary.


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