Strengthening Health Care Systems and Delivery – Hand Hygiene is your Entrance Door was the theme for this year’s World Hand Hygiene Day which is celebrated by WHO on 5th May each year. The Infection Control Committee organised the NHS commemoration of this event with the Minister of Health, Hon Tuitama Leao Talalelei Tuitama, giving the keynote speech at the opening ceremony attended by the WHO Representative, Dr Baoping Yang and the EU Charge d’affaires, Mr John Stanley. This year we co-celebrated with the MOH at a multi-sectorial level with the MNRE, MWSCD, MESC funded by the EU under the Water & Sanitation Sector. Salausa Dr John Ah Ching led the demonstrations of handwashing at the various Upolu District Hospitals during this week long commemoration. There were also commemoration activities in MTII hospital in Tuasivi including handwashing demonstrations led by Registered Nurses Lagaaia and Bowles. The main theme for this year encouraged everyone both health care workers and the general public to observe good hand hygiene as a means of strengthening our health care systems and delivery. For you the Health Care Worker – Make sure you always have ample supply of liquid soap, paper towels, alcohol sanitizer and USE THEM! The 5 moments for hand hygiene are a must to be observed for safety of both patient and yourself!