Information for Home Based Care

Government of Samoa

Ministry of Health

Information for Home-Based Care

Tips for looking after the patient at home

  • Isolate the sick family member to a room or a specific area in the home.
  • Keep young babies (under 6 months) and unvaccinated pregnant women away from the patient and not in the same house.
  • Do not share bedding, clothing, food or drinks with those unwell with measles.
  • Encourage the patient to rest
  • Encourage them to drink plenty of water, niu or fruit juice especially if they have a fever
  • Help to reduce the fever with cool sponging and/or Panadol. You can also use lau nonu or lau ti to manage the fever.
  • If they are hungry, provide them regular meals
  • Breastfeeding mothers should practice exclusive breastfeeding of their infants

Parents and individuals should stay alert for measles Danger Signs bring the patient to hospital immediately if they are getting worse, especially if they show signs of:

  • High Fever (temperature)
  • Dehydration (crying with no tears, dark urine or low volume)
  • Vomiting
  • Fits
  • Drowsy or difficulty waking them up
  • Not eating or drinking (especially children)
  • Fast breathing or difficulty breathing
*If a person gets measles they do not need to be vaccinated as they will be immune through natural infection. They will be provided life-time protection against the virus.


General information :

  • Encourage other members of your family in the target age group (6 months – 19 years, and non-pregnant women 20 to 35 ) to get their vaccines.
  • There are currently 10 fixed sites in Upolu and 5 fixed sites in Savaii for vaccinations (main hospital and health centres), including mobile teams in both Upolu and Savaii

Further Information:

Please contact the National Emergency Operations Centre on 997/911 if you have any further questions or visit the Minsitry of Health website and Facebook page.