Press Release

The Ministry of Health is currently engaged in monitoring the implementation of COVID-19 preparation and response plans by stakeholders. As such, we are reaching out to all stakeholders to assist us by responding to the attached short questionnaires, which will help us to improve our COVID-19 prevention and response strategies with workplaces, communities and the general public.

The first document, the COVID-19 Workplace Checklist, aims to understand the policy and practices in place at your establishment/workplace, both for staff and for customers where applicable, to prevent COVID-19. This should be filled in by someone in management(regarding policy or HR) and employees (regarding practice) via the link provided, and takes only 11 minutes.  Health officers will also carry out spot-checks to observe COVID-19 prevention practices. 

The second document, the COVID-19 Survey, is a general survey that aims to understand the public’s knowledge of COVID-19 and personal  actions taken to prepare and  prevent it. This should take only 15 minutes.

The last document, which is the Public transport survey  focuses on the compliance as per SOE and the health key messages being provided.This will only takes 6 minutess to complete. Our health teams will assist to provide printed questionnaires for taxis and buses if needed.

The Ministry of Health would like to thank you in advance for answering both short questionnaires and we look forward to working with you to keep Samoa safe.

Below are the survey links;

Business checklist survey –

Risk Comms survey –

Public transport survey


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