Ministry of Health

Gazing out into her first day in life – this young lady is blissfully unaware of the medical drama that preceded her arrival!

Her 20 year old first time mother from Sasina Savaii presented in the early hours of the morning on Thursday last week, for what should have been a normal delivery with the midwifery staff at Safotu Hospital.

What transpired was a testament to staff perseverance, fantastic teamwork and the grace of God. Her mother was suffering from umbilical cord prolapse, a relatively rare condition and an obstetric emergency that can result in neonatal death and even maternal death.

Yet, through the quick and decisive actions of all concerned – from the nursing and midwifery staff at Safotu District Hospital, to the clinical staff at Tuasivi who were called in – to the ‘flying doctors’ – the Heads of Units for Obstetrics and Anaesthesia based at TTM Hospital in Apia – the pilots who were called in to fly to Savaii on the specially chartered Polynesian Airlines small plane, … right across to the diagnostics and all the different staff involved.

A big congratulations for the great teamwork. She is alive and well and that makes it all worthwhile.